AT&T to workers: No vacation during iPhone launch

According to leaked emails from AT&T, the carrier has warned its sales teams that they will get no vacation time between June 15 and July 15, and those that have taken vacation are encouraged to cancel their plans. The memo refers to the iPhone launch as "likely to be the biggest selling period we have seen in a few years." Rumor also has it that Vodafone and/or Orange will ink the deal with Apple for the iPhone in the U.K.

UBS Investment has also issued a report about AT&T recently: "The company will use the launch as a branding event and increase its advertising around the product to cement the AT&T Mobility name in the market. They expect Apple to market the product aggressively as well." While the wireless unit at AT&T has been officially renamed AT&T Mobility Inc., the company has yet to market that particular brand in full yet. The new AT&T is as far as the marketers have gone thus far, but it appears the iPhone launch could change that.

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