AT&T unveils $3 per day unlimited GoPhone calling plan

AT&T Mobility is launching a new calling plan through its prepaid GoPhone service, which will give users unlimited calling with no roaming or long distance fees for $3 per day. The service will start May 11. 

AT&T said customers using this new plan will also be able to get text messaging and data service at the same pay-per-use rates as all other GoPhone "Pay As You Go" plans. Additionally, customers can add messaging or data packages. The carrier also offers an unlimited mobile-to-mobile plan for subscribers who primarily call other AT&T customers for $1 per day, with charges of 10 cents per call for calls outside the AT&T network.

"We have created this offer to meet the needs of prepaid subscribers and to round out our portfolio of GoPhone prepaid offers," said an AT&T spokeswoman. 

The move is the latest by Tier 1 carriers in response to the rising popularity of unlimited prepaid wireless plans. Boost Mobile's $50 per month plan for unlimited voice, data and texting helped Sprint Nextel gain 764,000 net prepaid iDEN subscribers in the first quarter. 

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