AT&T wins in trafficking lawsuits; Alltel offers three months of free service

> AT&T Mobility said it was awarded separate judgments ranging from $3 million to $5 million in four federal lawsuits against traffickers who resold its prepaid mobile phones and accessories. Article

> Alltel announced that from today through Sept. 10, certain customers will be able to add up to four lines to their primary account (with a $25 activation fee per line) and receive three months of free service on those new lines. Article

> Nuance Communications acquired Jott Networks, a voice-to-text technology company. Release

> Google said its new Chrome operating system is not a substitute for its existing Android mobile OS. Article

> Apple benefits from offloading the cost of mobile application creation to developers while reaping rewards from its App Store. Commentary

> Palm will reportedly release its webOS 1.1 software update for the Pre sometime in the next 30 days. Article

And finally... Iowa State Fair organizers are considering proposals to make a statue of Michael Jackson out of butter. Article

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