Barclays: Verizon's Go90 to support premium and sponsored offerings

Verizon is preparing to launch a premium version of its Go90 offering that will enable users to view content without incurring data charges, reported, citing a note from a Barclays analyst. The carrier is also planning to launch a sponsored data plan for Go90 in the coming months, according to Barclays.

If Barclays' prediction is accurate, Verizon will face two major challenges with its new Go90 plans: A sponsored version is sure to bring the carrier under FCC scrutiny, just as AT&T and T-Mobile are being asked to explain their policies for mobile data to the commission. And enticing customers to pay a premium for mobile video is a business model that has yet to be proven in the U.S. in any substantial way.

Go90 may eventually become a big revenue generator for Verizon, but the carrier must overcome some huge challenges. Story