BlackBerry reportedly developing three new Android phones

An undaunted BlackBerry is continuing to pursue its mobile hardware business aggressively, according to a report from VentureBeat. The one-time king of the mobile enterprise is reportedly developing three new Android handsets that are expected to come to market over the next three quarters: the Neon, a low- to mid-range handset that will hit shelves in the next two months; the Argon, which will be targeted at business users; and the Mercury, which is scheduled to debut early next year.

BlackBerry last week announced a $670 million net loss during its fiscal first quarter including a $501 million write-down of its smartphone business. But CEO John Chen said the company still hopes to regain at least a toehold in the smartphone market, adding that BlackBerry is focused on making its devices business profitable again. So it appears BlackBerry's Hail Mary in smartphones may actually be a triple play. Article