BlackBerrys to talk to Lenovo laptops as they sleep

Lenovo has come up with an idea that is sure to please those who never want to be out of touch--even when they're sleeping or, better yet, when their computers are off. Working in conjunction with Research in Motion (RIM), BlackBerry's parent company, Lenovo has developed an accessory card for its ThinkPad laptops that wirelessly downloads email through the BlackBerry when the computer is off or sleeping.

The goal is to make certain that there's never a missed moment of email. When the laptop boots up, the email, which has been loading all along, is there without needing to connect or reconnect to an employer's server. As an additional feature of the $150 card, users will be able to send email from their laptop through the BlackBerry without an additional Internet connection.

The initial versions of the card only work with Microsoft Outlook but Lenovo is said to be working with IBM's Lotus Notes. Lenovo ThinkPads built as far back as last summer can handle the feature as can BlackBerrys built in the last couple years.

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