Bluetooth opts for WiMedia UWB flavor

The Bluetooth SIG has exclusively selected the WiMedia Ultra-Wideband (UWB) common radio platform as its radio for high-speed Bluetooth applications. The move is a blow to UWB Direct Sequence technology promoted by Freescale Semiconductor and the UWB Forum. Remember that both camps, the WiMedia and Direct Sequence backers, could never come up with an agreement for a single standard and decided to go their separate ways. According to Fiona Thomson, market research analyst with IMS Research, "The selection of the WiMedia Alliance by the Bluetooth SIG helps solidify the WiMedia Alliance as the leading UWB organization. IMS Research believes that while other UWB solutions will ship, the support behind the WiMedia Alliance will add appeal to equipment manufacturers, resulting in the success of WiMedia UWB." The Bluetooth SIG and WiMedia Alliance say they will work jointly to help UWB achieve global regulatory acceptance.

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