Boingo now working with Android; Clearwire officially launches in Atlanta

> WiFi firm Boingo Wireless said its hotspot finder and connection manager can now run on Google's Android platform. Release

> More than a month after hints that Clearwire's Clear service was headed for Atlanta, Clearwire officially announced the availability of the service there. Article

> Barclays Capital downgraded the U.S. telecom services sector, and said growth would be subdued. Article

> Tech firms tend to acquire other tech firms if they are close to home. Commentary

> The Pre Dev Wiki webOS developer community has acceded to Palm's wishes and will stop talking about tethering for the Pre, so as not to upset Palm's relationship with Sprint Nextel. Article

> Samsung said it will relaunch its Samsung Innovation Quest developer competition, partnering with the Symbian Foundation to encourage homescreen widget development for the manufacturer's latest S60 device. Article

> Acer plans on releasing three new smartphones in September. Article

> Is AT&T Mobility trying to force iPhones out of prepaid plans? Article

> AT&T said it would offer MMS over Apple's iPhone 3.0 software at no extra cost to customers who already have a text messaging bundle. Article

And finally... A Massachusetts man spent a "comfortable" night locked in a bar's bathroom. Article

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