Boingo upgrades Wi-Fi at Heathrow with Passpoint

In partnership with Boingo, Heathrow Airport has launched Passpoint technology, allowing it to deliver a secure Wi-Fi connection and better connected experience for travelers as they roam between Wi-Fi and cellular.

Described as a game changer, Passpoint was developed in order for Wi-Fi to deliver something more akin to cellular when it comes to roaming. Passpoint enables access to Wi-Fi without the need for passwords or log-in screens; it just works when the user enters a Passpoint-enabled Wi-Fi area. With Boingo, users can create profiles on their phones.

Investments were made to upgrade the wireless network across the airport, ensuring bandwidth capacity, and Boingo installed two new high-speed internet links at the airport as part of the service overhaul, according to a press release. The new service promises to deliver speeds up to 100 Mbps.

Travelers can access the service via Hotspot 2.0-capable devices running Android 6.0, Windows 10, iPhone 5 (or higher), iPad 3rd generation (or higher), iPad Air, all iPad Mini’s and Macs running OSX Mavericks (or higher).

“Whether passengers are streaming, browsing or working on the go, we’re excited to improve their connectivity experience with the latest generation of Boingo’s award-winning Wi-Fi,” said John Arbuckle, Head of Property at Heathrow, in a statement. “This is just one of many initiatives that Heathrow has invested in to serve and delight our 80 million passengers, making Heathrow a world-class airport.”

Heathrow is Europe’s largest airport. Travelers who are already members of the Heathrow Rewards loyalty program can earn 100 points by signing in to the new Wi-Fi with their Rewards account.

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“Passpoint is a Wi-Fi game changer that facilitates a seamless, secure and fast connected experience for Heathrow passengers,” said Dawn Callahan, chief marketing officer at Boingo, in a statement. “We’re proud to introduce the technology at the busiest airport in Europe and launch easy-to-use, high-speed Wi-Fi that travelers now expect.”

Passpoint is now available at more than 25 airports and nearly 150,000 hotspots, according to a Boingo spokesperson.