Boost founder Adderton says he’s 'giving Dish benefit of the doubt'

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Boost Mobile founder Peter Adderton previously said eSIM puts the power back into the hands of the MVNO and ultimately the consumer. (Pixabay)

Boost Mobile founder Peter Adderton made no secret of his desire to be part of the new Boost when reports surfaced that Sprint would need to divest Boost to clear the way for its merger with T-Mobile. Now that Dish Network’s role is official, he’s eager to see how Dish plans to make Boost a competitive entity in wireless.

Based on the details that have been released thus far about the terms of Dish’s MVNO deal with the New T-Mobile, Dish is in a good position to make it work. “It’s a slam dunk,” according to Adderton.

Technically, “they’ve got things that you would never have thought you would have seen in America when it came to an MVNO agreement,” he told Fierce Wireless.

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During Dish’s second-quarter conference call on Monday, Dish co-founder and Chairman Charlie Ergen confirmed as much, saying the interconnection pact appears to be a first of its kind.