Broadcasters increase spectrum lobbying; Vodafone content with HSPA+

> Broadcasters are intensifying their lobbying of the FCC, arguing that their spectrum should not be taken away and used for mobile broadband. In addition, they say they have their own plans to bring TV to mobile devices. Article

> Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao said that the company believes HSPA+ will meet its needs over the next two to three years. Article

> Apple is updating its Developer Center website to enable iPhone and iPod touch application developers to track the approval status of their software. Article

> Nokia has batted back the idea that mobile devices will become "dumb clients" by relying on cloud computing. Article

> Airvana is aiming a new femtocell offering at the enterprise market. Article

> Hotspot usage will surge by 47 percent in 2009, bringing total worldwide connections to 1.2 billion, according to In-Stat. Article

And finally... Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is the latest celebrity to be featured in advertisements for Japanese carrier Softbank. Article

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