C&L: Amp'd gets Swenson as COO, Stone is pres

Amp'd finally announced that Sue Swenson, the former COO at T-Mobile USA, is now officially its COO. The current COO, Bill Stone, will become president of the company. Last year, T-Mobile USA won a TRO against Swenson and the MVNO that included a one-year noncompete agreement that barred Swenson from taking the job until now. Amp'd took an unusual position during the proceedings by claiming that it does not compete with T-Mobile USA, as recent announcements by the incumbent indicate, that's simply not the case, at least not anymore. Amp'd also took a dig at T-Mobile last year by claiming that the suit showed how little legacy carriers understood about high speed, content-rich MVNOs like Amp'd. The MVNO floated the Swenson announcement last week but it went largely unreported.

For more on Swenson's appointment:
- see this press release