C Spire brings rollover data option to 3 of its shared data plans

Regional carrier C Spire Wireless is expanding its rollover data feature, which it first launched in November, to three of its most popular shared data plans.

Starting Jan. 19, the rollover data option will be available on C Spire's 10 GB, 15 GB and 30 GB shared data plans at no additional cost. Existing customers on these plans will automatically be converted to an updated version with rolling shared data. Customers on other plans can switch to one of the rolling shared data plans at no cost.

Under C Spire's plans, any unused data from the previous month will be rolled over to the next month for sharing among all users up to the plan's included monthly data allotment. C Spire noted that unlike other carriers it does not force consumers to use plan data first or eliminate any unused rollover data at the end of each month. Instead, rollover data can be accumulated, shared and used among all individuals on a plan up to the plan's included monthly data amount.

In November C Spire introduced three new rollover data plans: $40 a month for 2 GB, $55 a month for 4 GB and $65 a month for 6 GB of rolling data plus unlimited voice, text and photos along with automatic data-overage protection and optional top-up data passes. These prices do not include the cost of devices. For contract subscribers with subsidized devices, the prices increase to $65 a month for 2 GB, $80 a month for 4 GB and $90 a month for 6 GB.

Several Tier 1 carriers have followed C Spire in introducing rollover data plans, though each one has different caveats and options. In mid-December, T-Mobile US (NYSE:TMUS) debuted it's plan, called "Data Stash," which is available to T-Mobile subscribers on an eligible postpaid Simple Choice plan who have purchased at least 3 GB of LTE data for smartphones or at least 1 GB for tablets per month.

Additionally, T-Mobile is giving every customer with Data Stash 10 GB of LTE data for free. T-Mobile said that customers' data won't start carrying over until after the free 10 GB runs out. The free 10 GB is available until Dec. 31, 2015. The company said it will bring the feature to prepaid customers soon. T-Mobile said customers will lose their unused data after one year from when it is deposited into their Data Stash.

Earlier this week, AT&T Mobility (NYSE: T) announced it will offer rollover data to customers starting Jan. 25. AT&T will offer rollover data to all new and current customers on AT&T's Mobile Share Value shared data plans for free. AT&T said it currently has more than 50 million Mobile Share Value customers.

AT&T subscribers on those plans will be able roll over their unused, shareable plan data in any given month and use it within the next month. Within a given month, customers will use their data plan allotment first, before they begin using Rollover Data. However, he unused data expires if it is not used within the next month.

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