C Spire CEO: Streaming video day passes have cut churn by 20%

BARCELONA, Spain--As proof that innovation often comes from smaller operators, regional player C Spire said that its video day passes, which let customers purchase a buckets of time for streaming video, have helped reduce churn by at least 20 percent.

C Spire introduced the streaming day passes as part of the new rate plans it launched in June last year. C spire offers a $5 data pass that provides two hours of streaming, a $10 package for five hours and $30 for unlimited streaming for 30 days.

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress trade show here, C Spire CEO Hu Meena said that by carving out streaming video as a premium service, the company was able to create a sustainable service that is popular with users. Specifically, Meena said that one in four customers who purchase an Unlimited Lite plan--which offers unlimited voice, texting, web browsing and 30 minutes of online video for $80 per month--also purchase a day pass. Of those, one in seven purchases the data pass priced at $5 for two hours of streaming video.

"This allowed us to deliver a sustainable model for data," Meena said. "If you don't have size you have to have innovation."

The company isn't just innovating with data pricing. C Spire also is in the midst of deploying fiber through its C Spire business solutions division. Meena said that the company is bringing fiber to the home in four communities in Mississippi by the end of summer and five more by year-end.  

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