Cable, telecom, online video industries also rocked by FCC's net neutrality ruling

The wireless industry now faces a new regulatory regime thanks to the FCC's ruling yesterday to approve net neutrality guidelines. The new rules generally prohibit wireless carriers from blocking users' access to Internet content, throttling users' connections to the Internet, and charging content providers for faster connections to Internet users. The rules also create leeway for the FCC to act against specific offerings from wireless carriers that the agency deems unreasonable.

But of course the rules apply to all types of Internet content and all types of Internet players, from cable companies to online video providers. Check out Fierce's complete coverage of the net neutrality issue, including specific coverage of the topic from FierceWireless' sister publications FierceTelecom, FierceCable, FierceOnlineVideo and FierceWirelessTech. See this net neutrality for wireless and wireline carriers special report.