California may ban cell phones while driving

Laws banning cell-phone use have become common-place in individual cities, but now the state of California is poised to pass legislation prohibiting driver use of mobile phones. The proposed legislation passed the Assembly by a 44-25 margin. The Senate has already passed the bill but is expected to vote again on the Assembly's amended version. Now it's up to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to either sign or veto. He hasn't yet taken an official position on the proposed law. The bill would require drivers to use hands-free devices to make and receive wireless calls while behind the wheel. Violators, beginning Jan. 1, 2008, would face a $20 fine for first offenses and a $50 ticket for subsequent infractions.

In related news, Schwarzenegger is considering a bill that would require manufacturers of WiFi routers to warn users about the exposure they'll face if they don't secure their WiFi networks.

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