Carlos Slim's family will pay $1.1M for owning too much America Movil stock; Steam's mobile app is finally available for Windows Phone

More wireless news from across the web:

> The FCC announced Tuesday that Carlos Slim's family will pay $1.1 million for owning too much stock of America Movil. Their stock purchases repeatedly exceeded the foreign ownership levels the FCC had approved. TV Technology article

> Windows Phone users will finally be able to download Steam's mobile app, four years after the app hit Android and iOS in 2012. Engadget article

> Gameloft, a French video games company, announced its board was resigning following differences with majority shareholder Vivendi. Reuters article

> Thorsten Heins, the former CEO of BlackBerry, has resigned from wireless charging company Powermat. The move is part of a broader revamp at the company. CNET article

Telecom News

> With its Cloud Connect solution, Windstream has given customers another method to get cloud access. The development reflected the growing demand from medium-sized businesses to utilize cloud in their IT strategies. Article

Online Video News

> Average global internet speeds have more than doubled since the last Olympics, according to new research from Akamai. Article

Installer News

> Google Fiber set an ambitious goal to wire up key U.S. cities with fiber-to-the-premises services, but the challenge of scaling that footprint has driven it to look at other alternatives, including purchasing other providers and leveraging existing metro fiber facilities. Article

European Wireless News

> Vodafone has warned it could become the latest company to move its headquarters away from the U.K. following the country's decision to leave the European Union. Article

Cable News

> Playstation Vue, Sony's live-streaming TV service, has acquired as many as 120,000 subscribers. Article

And finally… A Florida man sued Apple for $10 million after claiming he invented the iPhone in 1992. Gizmodo article

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