CBS latest to enter made-for-mobile fray

CBS is the latest major U.S. entertainment company willing to devote resources, money and talent to creating video content for the mobile environment. The broadcasting company is developing a made-for-mobile soap tentatively called Hey, It's Me that will run on a daily basis in three-to-five-minute segments. The show will have its own cast, writers and production team. CBS follows ABC's recent deal with Verizon to create original episodes of the hit show Lost, profiling other poor souls stranded on the island. The idea of original content for mobiles is clearly embryonic, and early results are mixed. Fox was the first to introduce an original series, 24: Conspiracy, based on Fox's hit show but with different actors playing already familiar characters. The series was discontinued in the U.K. because they weren't consistent with the original series.

At this point, entertainment companies are unsure what type of programming will dominate (if any). All are toying with a range of programming scenarios, exploring the possibilities for reused television content, original content or a mix of the two in an array of bundled programming packages.

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