Cell phone study shows adverse testes results

Male cell phone users who carry their devices like 21st century six-shooters might want to reconsider where, exactly, they put them. A new study from the Center for Reproductive Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic has suggested a link between cell phones and sperm damage. Specifically, the study said, when in close range to the testes and in talk mode, the cell phones damage sperm.

Studies were taken on 32 men with similar sperm health. One group was placed for an hour within 2.5 centimeters of a cell phone in talk mode at 850 MHz. The transmission, the study said, led to an increase in "oxidative stress" which, in laymen's terms, apparently means damaged sperm. Even worse, there may be a relation to testicular cancer as well.

This isn't the first time this particular medical team has found a link between cell phones and sperm problems. A previous study of 361 subjects showed men who use their cell phones more than four hours a day have "significantly lower sperm counts." A CTIA spokesman, while supporting "good science," also pointed to other studies that show no link between wireless usage and adverse health effects.

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