Check out the new FierceDeveloper

Talented mobile developers are in hot demand right now as nearly every company in the wireless industry is looking for a way to create a compelling experience for their customers through the mobile application ecosystem.

FierceWireless has a weekly sister publication, FierceDeveloper, that is devoted to the mobile developer business. Originally launched in 2003, we've recently updated FierceDeveloper with a new newsletter design that features in-depth articles on all the latest technologies and issues facing developers. We also are working with experts in the field--industry analysts and technology leaders that will be writing columns discussing the latest technology developments and providing tips to developers about how they can overcome some of their biggest obstacles.

We also have a new By the Numbers section, where we will highlight the latest research and analysis on operating systems, app stores, devices, navigation, discovery and more.

Heading up FierceDeveloper's revamped content is the newest member of the Fierce editorial team, Peggy Albright.

Albright is a long-time telecom industry journalist based in Santa Rosa, Calif. She is a frequent contributor to the FierceWireless ebooks and also writes for the IEEE Computer Society's Build Your Career Web site. She is a wireless analyst for GigaOM Pro and has been a contributor to TelecomTV. You can reach Peggy via email at [email protected] or via LinkedIn.

I invite you to check out the new FierceDeveloper newsletter. You can sign up for it on the home page at --Sue