China Mobile could be nearing iPhone launch; T-Mobile reportedly planning data-only Simple Choice plans

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@FierceWireless: AT&T and Verizon Pressed to Detail Roles in U.S. Surveillance Efforts Article[email protected]

> China Mobile could be inching closer to a launch of Apple's iPhone. Article

> The FCC has "substantially drafted" its rules for the upcoming incentive auction of broadcast TV spectrum. Article

> Microsoft is getting ready to take over Nokia's headquarters. Article

> T-Mobile US is now selling the Nexus 5 and 7 in its retail stores. Article

> T-Mobile will reportedly launch data-only Simple Choice plans. Article

> Acer's founder stepped in to run the company after its CEO and president resigned. Article

> Google Wallet now includes a debit card function. Article

 > Southwest is planning to offer gate-to-gate Wi-Fi service. Article

> Nokia relaunched its Music app as the new MixRadio service. Article

> Sharp is reportedly considering withdrawing from its mobile phone manufacturing deal with Foxconn. Article

> Microsoft sued Acacia over patents for smartphones. Article

Wireless Tech News

> National Instruments and Scotland's University of Edinburgh are partnering on a test bed to improve indoor wireless communications capacity using spatial modulation techniques combined with visible light communications to create what are being called high-density optical attocell networks. Article

> Key Bridge Global usurped Google's role as the newest TV white space database provider. Article

> Telefonica and Vodafone are testing LTE Advanced carrier aggregation in Germany. Article

Telecom News

> According to Tim Biltz, president and CEO of Lumos Networks, the company's focus on customers is a key element in its transformation to a fiber-centric provider. Hot Seat

Cable News

> Comcast's chief software architect tweeted a code that let subscribers preview the cable operator's new X2 guide. Article

> HBO is the first cable programmer to stream content to Google's Chromecast. Article

European Wireless News

> Telenor does not expect to start operating its network in Myanmar before August 2014 due to a delay in finalizing the license. Article

> Germany challenged the European Union's right to examine Telefónica's E-Plus deal. Article

> Belgacom is seeking a new CEO after the Belgian government, which owns 53.5 percent of the operator, sacked Didier Bellens from the post because of his repeated criticism of the authorities. Article

And finally… How to get girls to become engineers. Article

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