Chutes & Ladders: Reddick joins iSkoot board

iSkoot announced that Paul Reddick, former VP of business development and product innovation at Sprint Nextel, has been appointed to serve on the iSkoot board. 

"iSkoot brings a unique product offering that turns the growing VoIP business from a value-destroying threat into a real voice-minute growth opportunity for the mobile industry--in the process bringing great new intuitive capabilities to customers of both mobile and VoIP communities," Reddick said in a statement.

Handmark announced that Reddick was joining its board back in April. According to the iSkoot release, Reddick's "role at Sprint spanned developing external alliances, exploring new product and service opportunities, leading Sprint Nextel's application developer program, founding Sprint Nextel's corporate venture capital business, and overseeing mobile entertainment initiatives."

For more on the appointment:
- read this release from iSkoot

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