Cingular expands prepaid service

Cingular Wireless this week expanded its prepaid service, GoPhone, which it acquired from AT&T Wireless. The new version of Cingular's prepaid service, now called GoPhone Pay As You Go, offers two price structures. The first offers users a $0.10 per minute call rate with a $1 per day service fee. The $1 service fee is only charged on days when customers use their phones. The second is a flat rate of $0.25 per minute.

The newest trend in prepaid is charging users a daily or recurring fee for access to cheaper calling rates. Verizon Wireless recently upgraded its prepaid service, Impulse, with a $0.10 per minute rate for those who pay a $1 per day service charge. Verizon Wireless, however, charges the $1 fee regardless of phone use. MVNO Virgin Mobile also recently launched a per-day fee service that gives customers a $0.10 per minute rate with a $0.35 per day fee, which the customer must pay regardless of phone use.

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