Cingular launches Firefly phone for kids under 12

Cingular Wireless launched Firefly's voice-only handset for children under 12 that simplifies handset features and helps parents regulate their child's phone use. The simplified handset comes equipped with just five keys with two intended for use as speed dial buttons for the child's parents. The handset stores up to 22 contacts and requires a password to access the programming function. An optional call screening feature enables the handset to only accept calls from its stored contacts. The Firefly phone also allows the user to customize ringtones, animations, background colors and flashing lights. The handset launched last spring on limited regional networks, including SunCom and Cincinnati Bell, and directly through Firefly Mobile using a prepaid Cingular plan. LG, Disney and Leapfrog are also planning on launching handsets designed for the kid market.

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