Cingular rolls out OfficeReach for enterprises

Cingular Wireless introduced Cingular OfficeReach, an integrated communications management solution that allows businesses to administer their wireline and wireless services as one system to help control telecom costs. OfficeReach is a voice-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) that enables business customers to manage their communications platforms through a suite of tools, including one number service, customizable call management, private numbering plan and zone billing. OfficeReach is integrated directly into a company's existing telephone network and uses a database-driven, intelligent platform. Cingular says OfficeReach requires no capital investment in PBX infrastructure so trunk line and PBX investments are minimized while the organization grows.

We're starting to see a big emphasis from carriers on helping enterprises control telecom spending. Sprint quietly rolled out a voice feature for both wireless consumers and business users called Sprint to Home that allows customers to designate a wireline number for unlimited calling for $5 a month. Business users of Mobile to Office pay $8 a month and can call a designated wireline business or residential number on an unlimited basis.

For more about Cingular's OfficeReach service:
- check out this press release from Cingular

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