Cingular stores get an AT&T makeover

Goodbye Cingular. Hello AT&T. In anticipation of its iPhone launch, the new AT&T is kicking up its efforts to replace the Cingular Wireless brand with AT&T. The company is replacing the Cingular brand on all in-store signage, kiosks and point-of-sale materials in approximately 1,800 company-owned stores nationwide. By September, the firm expects to have the exteriors of most company-owned stores switched to AT&T and all agent-owned retail stores will make the conversion to the AT&T brand by January 2008.

In addition, the stores will begin promoting more than just wireless. Many stores in the company's wireline service areas will start selling high-speed Internet access and landline phone service.

AT&T will begin to replace the Cingular name on new wireless handsets, including the display screens and on billing statements. And the firm will incorporate transitional elements into its advertising. Phrases such as "Wireless from AT&T, formerly Cingular" will replace "Cingular is now AT&T."

The firm's current rebranding push is reminiscent of its November 2004 makeover of all former AT&T Wireless stores to Cingular stores. Shortly after Cingular received SEC approval of its merger with AT&T Wireless, the company embarked on a major rebranding campaign that had it converting former AT&T stores to Cingular stores overnight.

The Cingular name will soon be history but the colorful orange "Jack" mark will stick around for a little while longer. The company says that the color orange will continue to be associated with wireless and "Jack" will be used but in a less prominent way in advertising and customer collateral. 

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