Classics that still rock: five phones that stand the test of time

In a time when the wireless world is beholden to the Next Big Thing as the iPhone-Killer, or enthralled with how many megapixels can be put into a phone's digital camera, wouldn't it be nice to think back to simpler times, when you could dazzle your friends and colleagues with that fancy new "flip phone" you got? With handset sales expected to decline in 2009 and with the spirit of frugality that these hard times demand, FierceWireless took a trip into the past and found five classic handsets that we wish would be brought back (or at least not consigned to the trash bin of history).

While you wouldn't want to necessarily use all of these today, they do have a timeless quality that may at least make you appreciate the functionality of many handsets on the market today, and not complain as much when your HSDPA or EV-DO connection does not load up as quickly as you would like it. By no means should this list be considered complete. Please feel free to comment and add any phones from the past few decades to the list that you think should be included. Slideshow