; ClearSky Connects Content Providers to Carriers ; with the New Real8 Mobile StudioTM

ClearSky Connects Content Providers to Carriers
with the New Real8 Mobile StudioTM
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When it comes to making mobile entertainment work in the wireless carrier market, ClearSky Mobile Media is the proven, go-to organization for a complete portfolio of mobile entertainment solutions. ClearSky goes beyond being an on-deck content supplier by operating the entire deck ecosystem on an outsourced basis for carriers ranging from Alaska to Chile. ClearSky has turned this technology wherewithal to elevating the art of mobile content creation and delivery. ClearSky's new Real8 Mobile StudioTM makes it easy for brands, content owners and publishers to connect the right mobile content with the right people at the right time.

Non-programmers can quickly create WAP content sites with sophisticated navigation, images, text and banner ads. A modular storefront, preloaded with thousands of content items, can be effortlessly tailored for specific market segments. Even dynamic content can be added - such as chat rooms and personal profile areas - to create a complete community around an affinity group or market segment. Mobile initiatives are only as good as the business they generate so Real8 Mobile Studio supports every available revenue model including paid downloads, subscription access, kilobyte/minute usage and advertising. Learn more at www.csky.com.

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