Clearwire shuffles jobs, redeploys workers

Although a report from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer says that Clearwire cut an undisclosed number of jobs during the past two weeks, Clearwire says that those cuts weren't layoffs but instead a "redeployment of resources." Mark Fanning, vice president, people development at Clearwire, spoke with FierceWireless this morning and said that the company isn't shrinking its staff, it's growing. "One big challenge we have is finding great people to fuel our growth. We certainly don't want the perception that we are shrinking our workforce."

Fanning said that the company is eliminating some positions because it has achieved certain efficiencies in established markets. However Fanning says that Clearwire is still hiring. "Some of the jobs are being eliminated and people are moving on but some employees are moving on to other jobs within the company," Fanning said.

Fanning wouldn't provide a total figure for the number of jobs impacted by the redeployment. He said they wouldn't have that final figure for a few more weeks.

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