Compete: Smartphone users constantly connected

There is good news for application developers, mobile marketers and anyone in the wireless industry who wants a piece of consumers' attention while they are on their smartphones, according to a new survey from research firm Compete. The survey found that most smartphone users are actively using their devices throughout the day.

Though smartphones make up a minority of the overall handset market (comScore yesterday reported that 42.7 million Americans own smart gadgets, out of a total base of more than 200 million), they are booming in popularity. According to IDC, smartphone sales surged 30 percent in the fourth quarter, and the market will continue to gain momentum this year.

The Compete survey, conducted in January and February and covering 1,246 smartphone users, found that most people use their smartphones while waiting in line or for an appointment, while shopping and while at home. The survey found 74 percent of smartphone owners use their device for personal reasons.

Additionally, the survey found that 36 percent of those surveyed were most interested in receiving grocery coupons on their smartphones and 29 percent were interested in getting a barcode they could scan with their device.

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