Confirmed: T-Mobile adds 2 GB of mobile hotspot data for customers with unlimited smartphone plans

T-Mobile US (NYSE:TMUS) added 2 GB of data to the mobile hotspot allowance of customers with unlimited smartphone data plans, the carrier confirmed. The change, first reported as a rumor by the blog TMoNews, had been expected to go into effect late last week.

"Yes, we've enabled mobile hotspot benefits on all active data plans," a T-Mobile spokesman told FierceWireless. "The improvements we've made to our data plans make our rate plans even simpler. Now you can use your paid 4G LTE data however you choose--between your smartphone and for other devices with tethering. When you reach your paid data allotment, your speeds will be reduced, not capped, so you never worry about overages."

Previously, customers had mobile hotspot usage capped when they hit their limit, but now will see their speeds reduced to 128 Kbps when they reach the limit for the remainder of their billing cycle, similar to T-Mobile's policy for normal smartphone data usage on its usage-based smartphone data plans.

T-Mobile's $60 per month plan now includes 3 GB of data that can be used for regular smartphone data usage or for a mobile hotspot, and the $70 plan has 5 GB for regular smartphone data usage or for a mobile hotspot usage.

The carrier's $80 per month unlimited smartphone data plan now has 7 GB of data for mobile hotspot usage, up from 5 GB before. Customers can pay an extra $10 per month to get an extra 2 GB of mobile hotspot data.

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