Femtocells and fixed/mobile convergence will likely be hot topics of discussion at CTIA. Last month Sprint launched its Airave-branded femtocell solution in Denver and Indianapolis with the goal of enhancing the cellular coverage for Sprint subscribers while they are at home. This launch has set off a flurry of interest in femtocells and many vendors are working on their own femtocell solutions to sell to operators.

But femtocells are just one aspect of the convergence wave. This summer two U.S. operators dip into the Wi-Fi/Cellular convergence packages. 

Regional operator Cincinnati Bell Wireless launched its CB Home Run package in June. CB Home Run lets subscribers make wireless calls via the firm's cellular network and via WiFi in their homes and offices and at the company's more than 300 WiFi hotspots. On a much larger scale, T-Mobile USA launched its [email protected] service in late June. The service lets customers connect via the firm's cellular network and its 8,500 WiFi hotspot locations across the country.

Expect femtocells and fixed mobile convergence to dominate discussions at CTIA, particularly as enterprises look for ways to reduce costs. -Sue