Countdown to the iPhone 3G

Anticipation is growing for the Apple iPhone 3G debut on Friday and already we're hearing reports of lines forming in front of Apple stores in cities such as Manhattan. Here is a roundup of the latest news from the iPhone 3G front:

  • Like AT&T stores, Apple stores will open at 8 AM on Friday to facilitate all the potential iPhone 3G buyers.
  • Various reports suggest the iPhone App Store could launch as early as today. According to TechCrunch, mobile application developers were instructed by Apple to submit their iPhone apps by 12 PM PST Monday for consideration in the App Store launch, triggering speculation the digital storefront will open several days in advance on the iPhone 3G. Article
  • Tomorrow Apple's .MAC service will go offline from 6 PM PST until 12 AM PST to make way for MobileMe.
  • In the U.K., operator O2 had so much demand for preorders of the Apple iPhone 3G on its website yesterday morning that traffic caused the site to crash. Article

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