CTIA lobbies FCC to release high-band spectrum for 5G

CTIA released a new report outlining the importance of high-band spectrum for 5G in an effort to spur the FCC to free up "thousands of new MHz" of the airwaves.

The 7-page document claims bands above 6 GHz are ideal for 5G because they support "significantly higher speeds, far quicker response times, and the ability to serve many more devices including Internet of Things-enabled devices." CTIA pushed the FCC to move forward in July and release high-band spectrum under its Spectrum Frontiers proceeding, which is slated to close this summer.

"In the United States, wireless carriers and vendors are already building 5G solutions in the lab and engaging in field trials but they need access to key bands of spectrum to make 5G a reality," CTIA executives wrote. "This is where the FCC comes in." Report (PDF)