CTIA: Please veto the ITC ban, Mr. President

CTIA president Steve Largent sent a letter to the White House asking the Bush administration to review and veto the International Trade Commission's ruling to ban U.S. imports of high-speed mobile phones that have Qualcomm chips in them. The Bush Administration had 60 days starting on June 7 to review the case, which hinges on whether Qualcomm infringed on a Broadcom patent. The ban exempts phone models that had been imported by June 7.

Largent urged Bush to veto the ruling because he said it "will freeze innovation for these [U.S.] wireless networks and will deny new wireless technologies and services to more than 230 million Americans. This importation ban will adversely affect public safety, our national communications infrastructure, the U.S. consumer and the competitiveness of the U.S. telecommunications industry," Largent wrote. He also wrote that the ruling could adversely affect the two to three million jobs that high-speed wireless services will create over the next decade.

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