CTIA: Thank you, 109th Congress

CTIA CEO Steve Largent applauded the last bills passed by the 109th Congress before the class adjourned for the year. Much of the legislation is wireless related, including laws that will: protect consumer privacy, aid military personnel overseas, enhance interoperable telecommunications systems for law enforcement personnel and extend important tax credits for the research and development of next-generation wireless services. The big one, which we mentioned in yesterday's issue, made pre-texting explicitly illegal. The Call Home Act directs the FCC to reduce telephone rates for military personnel overseas and also directs the Homeland Security department and Department of Commerce to allot no less than $1 billion for public safety networks by no later than September 30, 2007. Another muni-wireless win.

For more on the CTIA's thank you to the 109th:
- take a look at this press release

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