Cyanogen co-founder: 'CyanogenMod isn't going anywhere'

Cyanogen denied reports that it was considering shelving its CyanogenMod open source operating system in favor of developing mobile applications. But the company didn't deny reports it had laid off roughly 20 percent of its workforce.

Android Police reported last week that Cyanogen had slashed 30 jobs and was considering a "pivot" to apps. CTO and co-founder Steve Kondik took to the company's blog to reaffirm the company's focus on its platform, however. "CyanogenMod isn't going anywhere, nor has Cyanogen Inc. discontinued its efforts towards the goal of bringing it to a larger audience."

Kondik did appear to concede the company is scaling back, however, writing that "perhaps (CyanogenMod) doesn't need to 'go big' to work." The company is clearly undergoing something of a transition just a little more than a year after pocketing $80 million in funding from some tech heavyweights. We'll have to wait to see just what that transition brings about. Blog post