Dark fiber is back in vogue, especially for wireless backhaul

Dark fiber has re-emerged as the latest fashion trend in the wireline telecom industry, providing a mix of services for both service provider and even enterprise customers that want more control over their service destiny. Dark fiber, which is the practice of leasing fiber optic cables from a network service provider, is primarily targeted at wireless backhaul, enterprise customers and traditional carriers. For wireless carriers, dark fiber lets them maintain complete control over their service experience, meaning if they want to increase capacity, they can do it on their own timeline. For instance, while managed fiber-based Ethernet services may be the norm in next-generation wireless backhaul, a number of reports have revealed that Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) has been leading the charge for dark fiber-based backhaul. For more on the dark fiber market, check out this FierceTelecom special report.