De la Vega: AT&T coming around on Android?

At a press luncheon yesterday AT&T Mobility president Ralph de la Vega hinted that AT&T was finally coming around to Google's Android platform after meeting with Google recently.

"I like it a lot more than I did before," de la Vega said at a press luncheon here at CTIA Wireless. "One of the things we were looking for is whether it was open and you could really put other apps on it." He said the platform "is something that we would want in our portfolio" but first we "need to get it into our devices and really test it."

The Mobility president also fanned the flames of the long-awaited 3G iPhone, which both he and Apple CEO Steve Jobs have admitted was coming out by the end of 2008. When pressed, de la Vega said most of the carrier's high-end devices will be 3G-enabled "within months." Despite the hype on the blogs, the end of 2008 is "within months" too. -Brian

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