DEALS: AT&T sells spectrum, picks MediaFLO

AT&T has the big deals this past week: One with Qualcomm for MediaFLO and the other with Clearwire for its 2.5 GHz spectrum.








AT&T sold Clearwire a slice of 2.5 GHz spectrum for about $300M

Clearwire has raised close to $1 billion in financing from investors such as Motorola and Intel, and plans to raise more than $480 million through an IPO soon.



AT&T picks Qualcomm's mobile TV technology MediaFLO

Last month Sprint Nextel finished up its trial of Qualcomm's mobile television MediaFLO service, and has decided that--at least for now--it won't use the technology for a commercial deployment.


McDonald's Japan

JV for mobile payments in Japan

The ¥300 million joint venture is largely (70 percent) funded by McDonald's, which will install terminals in their stores that interact with near-field communications (NFC) embedded in DoCoMo handsets.


Nuance, Vocera

The deal sees Sprint bring speech recognition and mobility to healthcare industry.

Sprint-Vocera's component allows a physician to communicate at all times with staff wearing Vocera badges by using the walkie-talkie feature on their Sprint and Nextel handsets.


Smarter Agent

Application called "Apts for Rent" that uses GPS

Apartments for Rent offers Sprint subscribers information including rental prices, unit and building amenities and pet policies; some listings also feature interior photos and floor plans.

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