DEALS: Mobile content deals dominate

And the deals of the week go to... mobile content







Nippon Television Network

Seven-year, limited-liability partnership-called D.N. dream partners

The partnership will invest in content and also develop content itself, including TV programs that can be viewed with mobile phones.

Waat Media

Charismatix Ltd. & Co

Waat Media acquired Charismatix for an undisclosed amount

Waat says the acquisition is a strategic move as Waat moves into mobile Web dating, video chat, branded poker and casino games, and other late-night mobile entertainment programming.



MACH acquires End2End

End2End will become part of MACH but will continue operating as a stand-alone company with its own brand after the acquisition.



Microsoft acquires MobileBridge

Microsoft said the emerging field of mobile search is strategically important and crucial to delivering on the company's vision for Windows Live for individuals and businesses across devices.

NeoMedia Technologies


NeoMedia will purchase Mobot for $10M

The merger is part of NeoMedia's plans to become a "mobile marketing super company" and to push worldwide growth and acceptance of mobile marketing.

Valimo Wireless


Valimo Wireless acquired UniqMinds

Valimo offers subscriber identity and authentication software to fixed and mobile carriers. The company said it would add messaging technologies to its offering.

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