DEALS: Sprint Nextel taps Motorola, Samsung, Intel for WiMAX

Sprint Nextel announces long-awaited technology plan for 2.5 GHz band, taps Motorola, Samsung and Intel for WiMAX.






Sprint Nextel

Motorola, Samsung, Intel

WiMAX deal

The carrier announced a partnership with Intel, Motorola and Samsung for a next-gen network it says will be four times faster than existing cellular networks.

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR), Sliver Lake Partners and AlpInvest Partners

Royal Philips Electronics

Auction for Philips' semiconductor business

The group acquired the controlling interest in Philips' semiconductor business for $4.5 billion.


Leap Wireless

cdma2000 infrastructure deal

Leap will deploy Huawei cdma2000 technology in Spokane, WA., Boise, ID, and Reno, NV.



Telus will bring Amp'd services and content to its Canadian customers

Telus will manage most of the business operations including customer service, sales, pricing and distribution, while Amp'd will tackle branding and marketing efforts.

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