DEALS: VZW scoops up Ramcell assets

Verizon Wireless keeps the rural carrier acquisition trend afloat.






Verizon Wireless


Verizon Wireless has acquired Ramcell's Kentucky and Oregon networks.

The deal does not include Ramcell's North Carolina assets.

Sprint Nextel

GE Healthcare

Sprint is teaming up with GE Healthcare to bring wireless services to hospitals.

The JV will offer an in-building cellular communications network from GE Healthcare and Sprint's Custom Network Solution (CNS) team that makes use of GE's CARESCAPE Enterprise Access wireless platform, as well as Sprint handsets.



Nortel is teaming up with various universities to develop 4G networking technology.

The universities are: University of Waterloo in Canada, The University of Texas at Austin, the National Taiwan University in Taiwan and Technische Universitaet IImenau in Germany.

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