Dell'Oro: CDMA infrastructure market took a hit in 2Q

The Dell'Oro Group says that the worldwide CDMA infrastructure market fell more than 25 percent from the year ago quarter as Verizon Wireless and Sprint cut back on CDMA spending. The firm says Verizon Wireless' capex was down about $150 million, while Sprint's capex was down nearly $1 billion. "As a result of this contraction in North America, North America's share of the CDMA market fell to approximately two-thirds share, from over three-quarters share in the second quarter last year. Growth in Asia Pacific, particularly in India, helped to offset these declines," said Scott Siegler, analyst with the group's Mobility Infrastructure group. "In the quarter, Reliance, Tata and BSNL continued to see solid CDMA subscriber growth and continued to invest in the growth of their CDMA networks. However, we believe the region will experience declines in the second half of the year, as we expect all three operators to begin to focus more capital towards their GSM networks." Release