Dell unveils wireless-enabled laptops

Dell introduced four new laptops, two of which provide a choice of wireless broadband connection options through either Cingular Wireless or Verizon Wireless in the U.S. or Vodafone in Europe. The notebooks also include built-in WiFi connectivity and a feature called WiFi Catcher that enables users to discover whether one of their preferred WiFi hotspot networks are in range by flicking a switch. A laptop integrated with WiFi and 3G technologies doesn't seem to be too much of a threat to operators who typically want folks on their 3G networks. That's because customers have to buy an unlimited data plan anyway, and the less they use, the better. Verizon hasn't been very public about this, but it has been playing around with EV-DO pricing that is similar to WiFi. It was anticipated last fall that customers who purchased certain laptops with embedded EV-DO service can buy a day pass if they want for unlimited nationwide access. Verizon has been considering extending the same option to EV-DO card users.

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