The city of Los Angeles alleges that the Weather Channel app has deceived its users into sharing their location in order to profit from the data.

Apple issued a letter to investors warning them that revenue during the important, end-of-year holiday quarter will fall by 6% to 10%.

UWB, a technology that seems to have been around since the beginning of time, is getting another lease on life in the form of the UWB Alliance.

Smartphone unit sales will decline for the first time ever this year, and even Apple's stock is off 25%. It appears that we have reached "peak…

Here are some other stories we're following today.

Here are the stories we're following today.

The 855 Mobile Platform includes support for Wi-Fi at 60 GHz, 802.11ay, 802.11ad and it’s Wi-Fi 6/802.11ax-ready.

Here are the stories we're following today.