Sprint has deployed Massive MIMO radios from Ericsson, which use 64 transmitters/64 receivers. The radios run on Sprint’s 2.5 GHz mid-band spectrum.

The OS could be ready for launch in China by the end of the year and would hit international markets early next year.

CableLabs is working with Wi-Fi ecosystem partners to advance Dual Channel Wi-Fi, which is designed to improve the performance of Wi-Fi. 

The first wave of 5G smartphones are hitting markets in the U.S. throughout May.

The Wi-Fi Alliance announced that it has expanded its Wi-Fi Certified Home Design program to include multifamily residential complexes like apartments,…

Will the 5G iPhone, expected to appear in 2020, help turn around Apple’s phone sales? Probably not, analyst says.

There’s a lot happening with Wi-Fi, much of it in a way that will be integral to the fixed and mobile broadband experience going forward.

WhatsApp has not yet said how many users may have been affected by the breach.