Samsung Electronics announced a successful 5G NR data connection with Verizon and Qualcomm that used 400 MHz of bandwidth in the 28 GHz band.

A Super Snapdragon? That’s what Qualcomm unveiled with the Snapdragon 855 mobile platform during Day 1 of its Snapdragon Summit in Maui this week.

Verizon’s Ronan Dunne is getting ready to start selling new 5G smartphones, but customers are no longer buying new smartphones like they used to.

Samsung and Verizon announced they will release a 5G smartphone sometime in the first half of next year.

The results are in, and now it’s time to move on to round two.

Sprint and device vendor HTC announced they will sell a “5G mobile smart hub” in the first half of next year.

Mobile data speeds are faster on average than Wi-Fi in 33 countries, according to a new study from OpenSignal.

Black Friday was the biggest mobile shopping day in U.S. history with more than $2 billion in sales originating on smartphones for the first time.