A California startup is looking to create a new category of device—essentially a smaller and more portable version of a standard smartphone.

Don’t be surprised if Semtech extends its reach beyond the Alibaba Cloud deal it announced earlier this month.

At its next open meeting on Oct. 23, the FCC will consider a notice of proposed rulemaking to allow new unlicensed uses in the 6 GHz band.

IEEE has established the 802.11 Extremely High Throughput Study Group to look at new features for bands between 1 and 7.125 GHz.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is introducing Wi-Fi 6 as the official industry designation for products and networks that support the next generation of Wi-Fi, based on…

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Between its cellular vehicle-to-everything work in China and elsewhere, Qualcomm is ever hopeful its favored technology will prevail.

AT&T isn’t revealing specifics on when it will use low-band spectrum for its 5G deployment but confirmed plans to start deploying it next year.