Google focused primarily on user experience and artificial intelligence as it introduced its second-generation Pixel on Wednesday.

A relatively placid wireless market may have slowed T-Mobile's momentum, but the release of Apple's iPhone X could serve as a catalyst for…

Canada’s Telus reports that it recently completed the first test of LAA on indoor and outdoor live networks in Canada.

T-Mobile appears to be preparing to launch a new phone under its own “Revvl” brand.

SK Telecom and Samsung announced they have completed the world’s first 4G LTE and 5G end-to-end network interworking trial in an outdoor environment.

Recently, many smart people have been telling me that fixed wireless access is simply LMDS all over again. But a lot has changed.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is among those calling for Apple to activate support for FM radio in the iPhone to help users access information during emergencies.

Essential Products has sold an estimated 5,000 phones through Sprint, according to estimates from BayStreet Research.