Did Clearwire pick the right flavor of LTE?

Monica PaoliniClearwire's (NASDAQ:CLWR) decision to adopt an LTE overlay for its mobile WiMAX network was widely expected. However, what comes next is much more uncertain, and Clearwire's choice of using TDD-LTE instead of the more common FDD-LTE standard could complicate the company's plans, according to analyst Monica Paolini. The need to coexist, at least initially, with WiMAX makes TDD-LTE more attractive than FDD-LTE, as it makes the upgrade to LTE easier. That said, to date, Clearwire is the only major operator in the U.S. committed to the non-FDD version, and this may limit the market appeal of the network. And given that FDD-LTE is more popular globally--at least for right now--Clearwire's choices for LTE devices could be limited. Industry Voices