Did the iPhone 3G hinder Rogers 2Q net adds?

Canadian wireless operator Rogers Communications added 100,000 new wireless customers in second quarter, but that was down from 133,000 net adds a year ago. The company blamed the slowdown on stiff competition but analysts speculated that consumers may have delayed purchases while waiting for the iPhone 3G to make its debut. The phone launched on Rogers network after the close of the quarter.

The company reported a monthly churn of 1.06 percent, down from 1.15 percent. In addition, average revenue per user was $73.58, up from $70.81 in the previous quarter. Rogers attributed the change to an increase in wireless email and text messaging.

Rogers, of course, set off a firestorm among Canadians when it said that customers who purchase the 3G iPhone would have to sign a mandatory three-year contract and the company would cap data usage at 750 MB. Although both AT&T and Rogers were offering calling, data and text messaging for $75 a month, Rogers at that price gave Canadians a third less calling time, half as many text messages and put that cap on 3G data usage that included steep fees for users who go over their monthly limit. The company later amended its plan and lowered its per month pricing plan for data access after outraged Canadians wrote an open letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs protesting Rogers fee structure. Plans now start at $30 per month for 6 gigabytes of data transmission. 

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